Hello there!  I want to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer and my husband, Erik, is the other half of Jenerik Coffee, pronounced, “Gen-err-ik.”  Our business name comes from the combo of my first name and his and is a slight play on words.  Clever right?  We thought so too! 


You are receiving this letter because you recently signed up with our site to receive a free sample or to join our email list.  We appreciate your interest in our coffee and are excited that we have become so popular over the last couple of days. We, however, have some very disappointing news.  We can no longer offer free samples to potential customers.  Hopefully, I didn’t lose you and if you will bear with me for just a moment I will explain why. 


We are a tiny, two-person, self-funded, small-batch coffee roaster.  We both maintain full-time jobs in other industries that fund this hobby. We offered free samples to potential customers because we didn’t have over 1,000 people a day requesting free samples. The majority of the money for supplies, postage, marketing, etc., comes from our personal paychecks.  Our profit margins are super slim.  Due to the nature of our hobby and also covid, our inventory is extremely limited.  We just do not have, and cannot obtain, the inventory necessary to fulfill the number of free sample requests we have received.


While we are grateful for the exposure, unfortunately, due to the overwhelming requests for free samples we were left with no choice but to immediately stop our free sample program completely.  This is crippling to a small business such as ours.  We have emailed, sent messages, and made posts on Yo Free Sample’s posts on social media requesting that they remove us from their website, so that more people are not disappointed and angry, however that has not yet happened.  We also want our potential customers to know this is not a scam, we did not ask Yo Free Samples to post our free samples on their website, nor did we give them permission to do so.  We have also recently discovered that other websites that notify peole of free samples has also notified the world about us.  


So you’re probably wondering then why we offered free samples in the first place?  Well, the answer is simple, we wanted people to try our coffee and not feel like they are taking a huge risk.  When we offered that program over the past year, the sample requests have always been manageable.  We never expected and never intended this voluminous response. 


I am saddened that I have received very disparaging voicemails and emails from people upset that they cannot have a free sample.  I have apologized hundreds of times for something that isn’t even my fault and certainly isn’t anything I’ve approved.  I understand that we will lose many potential customers, that we have inadvertently, and of no fault of our own, made people upset and angry, and that we will probably lose the majority of the people who have recently subscribed to our mailing list. I understand many of you feel we have not been honest, that we have cheated you, or we are trying to scam you, or just collect email addresses.  None of which is true - this was not our doing!  We get it, everyone loves a free sample.  But since our main focus is quality, we are just not equipped to offer large quantities of our coffee beans, even for sale.  Mass production has never been our goal.  Our website is also not equipped to handle the volume we have received and I am unable to respond to everyone individually.  


Of course, you are always welcome to join our mailing list, purchase coffee, and keep in touch.  We do send out occasional promotions, never more than three per month.  We hope that you love coffee as much as we do, and we look forward to having you as a future customer.  If you are truly interested in trying our coffee, we do offer samples for a small fee of $2.60 (incl. shipping).  If you’re still reading this, thank you for taking the time.  We hope you understand our predicament and this situation. We do sincerely apologize for any disappointment.




New Arrivals & Info

Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing coffee shortages.  Once inventory has been exhausted we cannot guarantee replenishment.  We are in the process of searching for new bean suppliers, but hope that the shortage is only temporary.  If we run out of your favorite coffee we apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to offer new and exciting offerings.